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And we're Hoff

Our dear friends, and partners in the ministry at Trinity, Johan and Sonja Hinderlie joined us in San Pedro on Saturday, June 26th. Johan and Sonja are not only dear friends, they are Gospel Godparents to Trinity. You know those figures who share a devotion to the Lord and devotion to the beloved of God? The kind that make baptismal promises to pray for, support, remind, love, and point to Jesus. JoSo fill that role and more. It feels like we are blessing Trinity by leaving them in God's and the Hinderlie hands for this month.  After worship at Trinity on June 27th, we packed up our Ford, and left around 6 PM. Through the night, we drove through the desert, and stopped for a quick nap in Southern Utah and a cup of coffee in Salt Lake City. From there we decided to take the slow drive through the Tetons and Yellowstone, arriving in our cheap hotel in Billings 24 hours after we left LA! Christian and Molly and Samuel went to Minnesota a week earlier, so the road trip was just me, Joy

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